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Himalayan Momos

Our classic Tibetan & Darjeeling-style momos are prepared the authentic way & served with our signature house-made momo chutney. Available in a variety of fillings, they can be enjoyed in eight distinct variants.


100% Original Chindian Taste

Welcome to the world of Chindian where we offer a delicious adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes. Choose from a large offering of momos, chowmein, curries, starters & more.


House Made Curries

Our chefs make the curry bases in-house using quality ingredients to deliver a total Chindian taste that you are sure to love

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What is Chindian?

Indianized-Chinese (“Chindian”) street food has stir-fried its way into our lives. Originally created by a small Chinese community that has lived in Kolkata for over a century, Chindian food has developed a strong cult following. Chinatown in Kolkata boasts of several Chinese restaurants specialising in Hakka cuisine and its Indianized-Chinese variant. It is from this Chindian cuisine that BroMomo draws its inspiration.

In creating BroMomo, our founders, Ishita Sudha Yashvi and Ahsan Qureshi, wanted to celebrate the spirit of Indianized-Chinese food. BroMomo offers classic Chindian dishes ranging from a variety of popular momos to noodles, rice and curries, all prepared with fresh in-house sauces & gravies and Cooked to perfection by our chefs.

Super easy on the pocket, delivered super-fast and packed with total Chindianness, BroMomo is your food brand next door. We pride ourselves on the quality and the extensive variety of dishes on our menu. Prepared in the most hygienic conditions with the best-quality ingredients, BroMomo is comfort Chindian food.

Order Online from our range of best Chinese dishes ranging from veg & non-veg momos(steamed, tandoori & pan-fried), noodles, rice & curries, all prepared with fresh in–house sauces and gravies.

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